Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolution of 2010

Whats up everybody,this post is about my new years resolution plans i making for 2010.My first and biggest revolution is to get a better job and make better money than i did before.Its time for a come up ,i guess that's everybody resolution that's not making that much money before.Next is to get stronger and wiser.Its alot of good stuff last year and a lot of bad stuff that happen.Especially last month in December.I had a lost in my family last month,had house problems according to having power, Job lost and it goes on.I'm not really sweating the job lost because it was time to end that job and do sometime new.I'm learning more and more about life after 2009 and 2008.This year is got to be better then last year.I thankful for being able to live to this year.I know that god gonna have something going for me even when i think its nothing.I gonna come out struggle an live better.I know it could be worst than this.At least i got a car to drive,a house to live in and food to eat.I got it wrong my biggest resolution is to get wiser and stronger and have god because that how I'm going to live better.Thank y'all for reading this post and let me know what is your new years resolution.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Live Life With No Excuses and Not Looking Stupid At The End Of The Day

I writing this article to let people know that live your life with no excuses.What I mean by that is if something bad happen in your life or someone did something to you in your life don't blame it on that and end up standing still in the same spot in your life because of it.If you do,you might end up living a lie.You do yourself no matter what and do what u feel so u can feel happy in your life.It was some things that happen to me that i was going to end up dwelling on and it was going to end up standing in the same spot.I can't let that stop me from doing what i want to do.What i mean by living a lie is that somebody might have done something to you or someone else and you can't get over it you might live a lie because the person that messed up might change and do something good in there life and u end up standing still at the end of the day,stuff like that.You want to be able to win at the end of the day.You might not know at the time but lets say  you was chilling with your so call friends yall was planing on beating someone up or anything else crazy but when it come down to it you the only one fighting,Now you getting in trouble and your friends going by the business.At the end of the day u look stupid.If you go jail some of your "so call" friends might not come to visit.Everybody don't keep it real.Sometime keeping it real turns into a blind but that what happens.You suppose to keep it real but realize who ain't real.So u don't have to waste your time.They say u have to live a lie to live the truth. Don't sell yourself short because of someone else or thing because ain't the end of the day you will feel sorry.People look at you like "why  u doing that?" because u doing something different. You can't be like someone else u got to be yourself.They might want you to do what they want you to do but at the end of day it gonna fail because u  know that what ever y'all doing ain't going to work y"all fell me? certain stuff don't last for ever.Like celling drugs,u might be able to do it for a year,2 years or 20 years but one day u going to get caught.I thought about doing that at one time but i decided not to.I seen too many of my people and others that went down 4 that.Its like a set up.Its out there to get you messed up.I haven't seen no body retire from it .It retired it self lol... but at the end of the day you got to start all over getting money again.Thank yall for ready this article and remember live your life with no excuses and don't look stupid at the end of the day.I probably have more articles like this

3 Things Of Understanding Life and Getting Thru It

Whats up everybody,This article is about what i am currently experiencing in life and what im learning from it.Its a lot of dust going down the road.
First Thing I'm Learning is Patience.That Is one of the top things you have to have to live in life because if u don't u will have to start all over and go threw it again.Patience will take u along way,But guarantee its the hardest thing to have especially people that don't got it at all.Its a process having patience and u don't have it, its a possibility u ain't going to make it.Some people doing jail time because of not having patience,one mistake land them there.I don't want that to happen to me.My patience is at a low but it can't stay like that because I'm just 20.They say people don't suppose to lose there patience but i don't thank that's the case.I try to think what can happen before i lose my patience but sometimes it happen so fast y'all feel me?But anyway that's the first thing I'm learning in life.
Second Thing is knowing that i can't expect someone to be on the same page as me because at the end of the day u will be on that page by yourself when it comes to being real.I know that they keep it real during the day but that don't keep it real at the end of the day.When i mean by that is some people be doing stuff with you that may be bad or good but if when it comes to the end they stand up to what they did.It is some real people out there but lot of people ain't.Now i got to learn how to do stuff myself and never worry about what next man doing.
Last thing is not to dwell on the negative because it wastes your time and energy.You can never move on if think about the bad.I learn learning that i got to mixed the good with the bad and strive.Its make u think negative and u will go further down the hole.It will also put in a stress mood.Alright thank y'all for reading my understanding of life and hope y'all learn from what I'm saying that feel like me.Y'all take it easy.